Client Testimonials

From Katrice C.

I was referred by someone to contact Jason Ponder for my refinancing need. I must say I have no regrets and not one bad thing to say! Im the type that has to have all my i's dotted and t's crossed. He was great to work with as well as Nicole!

From Michael L.

My wife and I made our first home purchase and we trusted Jason Ponder and Mortgage Solutions as our broker. I can tell you that his experience and overwhelming support and guidance made our house buying process a great one. Nichole and Jason were fantastic to deal and I would highly recommend them to anyone buying a house or refinancing a house. Thank you Jason, Nichole and the entire Mortgage Solutions Team!! Michael L

From Sharon

Nick and Tonia closed on their home yesterday and I just wanted to thank you for the loan paperwork going through so smoothly. They were both very complimentary of you and the other folks at MSN.  I wanted to put in a good word for Nichole too, she was a pleasure to work with from my side.

This was my first closing with MSN and I couldn't be happier with the way things went.  You were quick to answer my phone calls (and I believe I called you once either quite late or on a weekend which I promise I try not to do) and you got me everything I needed in order to get them to happy closing.

From Kristina L. via Zillow


"Kevin and his team streamlined the process of purchasing my first home. It was an amazing experience working with him and his talented team. I would highly recommend them! The entire process was effortless! Thank you!!

From Sergio S.

Jason Ponder was great. He was very knowledgeable and thorough. He handled our closing with patience and made sure we were comfortable throughout the entire process.

From Tim W.

Kevin Gilmore exceeded my expectations with his extensive knowledge and professionalism. I was treated as if I was high class and had every step explained to me along the way. Thanks Kevin for all your hard work!

From April T.

Joe Cerniglia let me know that I was not getting the best deal I could get on my mortgage. He told me how I could get a better deal and that showed me that the company I had just signed with was taking advantage of me and he was able to help me get out of it in time. I am very grateful for that.

From Janet D.

Jason Ponder was very professional and courteous. He never seemed to busy to help and provided prompt service. His staff was also very knowledgeable. Jason has made me feel like he is a friend and I feel welcome and comfortable asking his advice on financial matters.

From Brandy H.

Jim Smith was great! He kept me informed every step of the way. Every question I had was answered right away. I will be referring any family and friends to him for future business.

From Sheryl B.

I was very comfortable dealing with Dennis Bradley. He is very professional yet friendly at the same time. He was up front with me and honest throughout the entire loan process.

From Israel E.

Jason Ponder was able to turn our mortgage around when we were under a very tight timetable. He was very professional and made sure to notify us of the progress that was being made every step of the way.

From Doris N.

Kevin Gilmore was excellent. His customer service was outstanding. I really appreciated how patient Kevin was. He took the time to explain certain terms I didn’t understand. He was knowledgeable, professional, courteous and responsive.

From Viola R.

My experience with Kevin Gilmore and Mortgage Solutions Network was great. I appreciated their concern for me and my family, they were friendly and courteous. That meant a lot to me as I had just lost my husband. My loan was handled quickly and professionally.

From Sheryl D.

Joe Cerniglia went well beyond what I ever would have expected anyone to do for me. I was so impressed and thankful for him working so hard on my loan. I will gladly give Joes name and number to friends.

From Samantha W.

Dennis Bradley handled everything. He always followed through on what he said he was going to do. He was very honest and had a sense of urgency. I will be referring friends and family to him when the need arises.

From Janet W.

Jason Ponder came through on every detail he said he would. He was prompt in taking my application. I got everything he said I would at closing and there were no surprises. I will definitely recommend him to friends and family.

From Jacquelyn H.

Kevin Gilmore handled my loan with no mistakes. There was nothing that could have been done better. He informed me from start to finish of everything that was going on with my loan and I never once had an unanswered question. I really appreciated that. He also returned every single phone call and email promptly.

From Charles S.

Jason Ponder kept us well informed throughout the loan process. He also kept things “simple” and was willing to explain anything that I didn’t understand. The information and closing process was a breeze!

From Rachelle H.

Joe Cerniglia saved our home. We are not bad people with bad credit, we just fell on hard times. We would have lost our home and stability for our daughter. Thanks to Joe and all the hard work he did for us we didn’t. I will never be able to thank him enough. My family is very happy and grateful.

From Patricia G.

My experience with Jim Smith was wonderful. I had tried refinancing my home before and with many lenders and nobody was able to do the job that Jim did. When I first spoke with Jim he was excited about doing my loan but with all my previous bad experience I was afraid it would never work. He not only closed my loan but made it seem effortless where others had failed.


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